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How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich



Anthony Belli,

a high-income sales and sales management professional and marketing entrepreneur, was born in Italian East Harlem in New York City in 1953, into one of the poorest families in one of the city's worst slums. A chronic truant, in 1971 he was accepted into the SEEK program for disadvantaged students at the City College of New York. There he earned bachelor's and master's degrees with honors, followed by an Advanced Certificate in Marketing from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. In recent years, he also has been a popular visiting professor at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Belli began his sales with Metropolitan Life in 1978, making the company's Million-Dollar Club in his first year. As a sales representative specializing in high-tech goods, he has consistently performed in the highest ranks, winning dozens of company, regional, and national sales awards for his employers and earning millions in commissions.


Anthony Belli has won numerous honors, distinctions, and awards throughout his career. He is a salesman’s salesman. The value you get from Street-Smart comes from the guy who is out in the field everyday performing at a high level.

These are just a few of those awards and honors:

1976: Met Life-Million Dollar Club
1984: Davis & Geck-Gold Cup
1984: American Cyanamid-Golden Oval
1986: Cooper Vision-President’s Club
1987: Ioptex Research-Hard Charger
1988: Ioptex Research-Million Dollar Club
1990: Ioptex research-President’s Club
1991: Ioptex research-President’s Club
1991: Inducted City College of NY Athletic Hall of Fame - Baseball
1992: Ioptex Research-President’s Club
1992: Ioptex Research-Salesman of the Year
1994: Ioptex Research-Manager of the Year
1995: Advanced Medical Optics-Manager of the Year
1999: Founded Killer Bee Marketing
2003: Featured Presentation “unleashing the human potential”-
Outpatient Ophthalmology Society, San Francisco
2006: Honorary Induction-Delta Mu Delta
2007: Funded the 1st City College SEEK Endowment
2009: Hoya Surgical-Salesman of the Year
2011: Hoya Surgical-Key Contributor
2013: Mark Asa Abbott Award for Service to Alma Mater (CCNY)
2014: Austin Ahmed Award-CCNY Athletics


Our goal at The Street-Smart Salesman is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and coaching necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. Whether your goals are money, recognition, advancement, or just less stress, Street Smart will help you get there.  Aim High!

Anthony Belli