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How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich

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The Street-Smart Salesman has been receiving high marks from book reviewers all over the world.

Real World Story:
By David Caldwell, Arthrex, (Former NFL Player)

My fellow NFL alumni,

My name is David Caldwell and I am a former player with the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants. I was released from the Giants in 2014 and decided to head up North to the Canadian Football League. After playing for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats the past two seasons, I decided it was time to hang up my cleats and begin the next chapter of my life. So of course, I asked myself what anybody in my position would ask; “What the hell will I do now?!”

Fortunately, I had a plan, and more importantly, I had a mentor. Anthony Belli has been a very good friend of my Mom and Dad’s for a long time, and over the past couple years Anthony and I have grown very close to each other. Anthony has an amazing story that always intrigued me. He grew up a dirt-poor Italian kid in an East Harlem ghetto and became rich and wealthy by his early 30s. He used street-smarts and the hustler’s instincts he developed growing up in one of the poorest sections of New York City, to become a successful professional salesman.

A couple years ago I asked Anthony to meet me for lunch. I was eager to pick his brain and find out the habits and practices he used to become successful. Ironically, Anthony was more interested in finding out what I used to become successful in my own right, graduating from a challenging university and playing in the NFL. When I finally got Anthony to talk about himself, I found out that he never had any intentions of becoming a salesman growing up, in fact his childhood dream was always to make it to the Major Leagues. After playing in college and deciding not to pursue a professional baseball career, he was confronted with the very same question I asked myself, “What the hell will I do now?” He majored in physical education, but after graduating he was not able find a job in that field. He stumbled upon a sales job and decided to explore it. Little did he know, he possessed all the skills and the right mindset to become a high powered salesman. He had the work ethic and determination, attention to detail, as well as the competitive nature to want to be recognized as the best. These are the same skills/talents it took all of you to make it to the NFL!

Anthony explained to me that many of the most successful salespeople played sports competitively and this is why businesses are so inclined to hire professional athletes. I am currently in my first month of being a professional salesperson and my entire team is made up of former athletes. My company, Arthrex, is the industry leader in orthopedic surgical devices. Recently I have spoke with many of my colleagues, as well as sales reps from other companies, and they are very surprised to hear that my first sales position is in the highly competitive and lucrative Medical Device Industry. Most people have to begin in other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, and prove themselves, before moving into selling orthopedic medical devices. With the training and coaching I received from Anthony, along with my résumé of graduating college, while playing football at a high level and making it to the NFL, I was able to get right into the highest level of sales and choose between two of the top companies in the orthopedic industry.

Securing a salary just under six figures, in my first year out of football, was very important to me, as I'm sure it is to you! With the Street-smart Salesman training system, created by Anthony Belli, you too can have the opportunity to succeed in one of the most lucrative business industries. 

Real World Story

"Before I started working with Anthony, my business and career in the healthcare field were in serious jeopardy. I needed guidance and direction that would lead my business to financial success quickly. I needed a mentor.

So in January 2015, I began working with Anthony and within four short months my gross profits quadrupled. It was an absolutely remarkable financial success and it renewed my confidence, motivation, and attitude within myself. I was re-vitalized, energized and excited about my prospects for the future thanks to the “Belli-isms.”

I would recommend Anthony’s coaching talents to anyone, in any business, because his experience and successes cross all boundaries and professions. He is an ultimate sales machine and helps you cut through the ambiguity of a sale call and uncover the truth.
You will not only be pleased with your progress and success but it will change the way you look at the world of business. “I took the road less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.” This is especially true for those who follow, “The Street-Smart Salesman.” Thank you Anthony for setting me on the golden road of success."

Certified Nutrition Coach, President of IGG Ind. International and Maxium Nutrition

Book Review

The Street-Smart Salesman; How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich, by Anthony Belli, John Wiley & Sons, 2012, 220 pages. (Release date June 15, 2012) by Bill Sardi

"What you want from a book is an experience, or a lesson, or some deep involvement where you get lost in the depths of the book and its fascination, which holds you to its end. Anthony Belli creates such an experience in his book entitled The Street Smart Salesman; How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich."

Book Review

Appelér is one of the most important telemarketing and consulting firms in all of Scandinavia. And we’re growing by leaps and bounds. We run the largest and most popular portals for all types of sales professionals, and host an extremely popular and bustling online community. By Admin, July 2, 2012.

"Let’s be honest; no book on sales and persuasion read like a fast paced Da Vinci Code style thriller, they are not page turners unless you have a passionate interest in sales and marketing. The Street-Smart Salesman is as close as you can get to an exception to this rule. This is an inspirational read no matter what kind of background or interests you have."

Book Review

By Paul S. Koch, MD, Editor Emeritus. Paul S. Koch, MD is editor emeritus of Ophthalmology Management and the medical director of Koch Eye Associates in Warwick, RI.

"Picture, if you will, a young boy born to a poor family. I mean really poor, as in they had nothing. They lived in a walk-up apartment without even a doorknob to keep out intruders.
The apartment was so small there was no room for a tub or shower. The only way to wash up was to use a facecloth and the sink. No one in the family could take a bath or a shower, only quickly wipe with soap and water. He had no toothbrush and began losing teeth when still a teen."

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Our goal at The Street-Smart Salesman is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and coaching necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. Whether your goals are money, recognition, advancement, or just less stress, Street Smart will help you get there.  Aim High!

Anthony Belli