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The rewards of learning the ways of Anthony Belli’s Street-Smart Salesman are many, chief among them relief from anxiety!  


Growing up in dire poverty as Anthony Belli did, every day is a battle with fear, stress and anxiety. Survival and escape demands courage, stamina, a constant re-ordering of priorities and endless need for winning strategies, what Anthony came to call his “ghetto radar.” Salespeople at any level will benefit from lessons in the negotiating skills a deeply deprived childhood demands. That’s what Anthony’s coaching sessions deliver.  


In his presentations and personal coaching sessions, Anthony doesn’t use the usual bells and whistles; there will be no PowerPoint demonstration, Instead, Anthony mixes storytelling with question and answer, illustrating and getting to the truth one indirect question at a time. The topics addressed are essential, but the atmosphere is relaxed and fun: If there’s no fun, Anthony says, what’s the point? 


Because he is laser-focused on people, Anthony never gives the same exact presentation twice, choosing to tailor his remarks and emphases to reflect issues and circumstances affecting his audience. He works without a net – because life and selling require it! 


Anthony walks his talk, completely at ease on his feet, as all salespeople would love to feel. And he is a gifted teacher. Wayne Cioffari, Dean of the Business School at Mercy College, wrote in Anthony’s first performance evaluation that, “Professor Belli is one of (if not the best) teachers I’ve seen.”  


Street-Smart Coaching will empower you, your sales force and your company with abilities you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your business. Anthony’s hard-earned “ghetto radar” without  


Talking points include: 


   Shut Up! When to Talk and When to Play Dumb 

   Game Changers: Defy Expectations 

   The Importance of Observation, Watching and Listening 

   Nothing Is As It Appears: Buying Decisions are Based on Emotion, Not Logic 

   Flag on the Play! Reading Customers 

   Abandon Hope! How to Make an Ally of Reality and Avoid Wishful Thinking 

   Charming Strangers: Prospecting 

   A Minute To Live: Cold-Calling 

   A Sense of Urgency: Setting Priorities 

   Ways to Play A Balky Customer 

   Negotiating: The Will to Walk 

   Closing: The Gentle Kill 

   and more! 


To learn more about Street-Smart Coaching or inquire about a booking, please email or call directly using our contact page. Anthony will respond shortly. That’s Street-Smart! 


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