How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich

When you start out with nothing in life, each and every mistake, misplay, and missed opportunity can cost you dearly.  But the lack of a safety net can hone your judgment and can create  precision radar for opportunity in a way that no cushy upbringing can.  The Street-Smart Salesman shows how growing up poor teaches priceless lessons that can make you a fortune in sales and business. 

Strategies that include:

Channeling fear and stress into high performance sales
Creating irresistible value propositions:
Blazing a trail from the head to the heart to the wallet
Understanding that all prospects lie -
and how to get to the truth
Prioritizing activities for dollars
Prospecting and selling off your clients network
And a lot more winning strategies!


7 Street-Smart Principles for Success
  • Personal accountability 
  • People buy on emotion not logic 
  • All prospects are ego centric 
  • The value proposition 
  • Listening 
  • Visualization 
  • Plan….execute…and evaluate each day
 Aim High

Our goal at The Street-Smart Salesman is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and coaching necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. Whether your goals are money, recognition, advancement, or just less stress,
Street Smart will help you get there.

Aim High!
Anthony Belli


Anthony Belli to Receive
Austin Ahmed Award by CCNY Athletics

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